4 Fast Remedy Tricks Every Parent Should Know

4 Fast Remedy Tricks Every Parent Should Know – Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing your child suffer. While we want to immediately cure the woes of our kids, we want to do it without exposing them to unnatural chemicals and store-bought compotes. Here are a few home remedies that work.

4 Fast Remedy Tricks Every Parent Should Know

Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear causes cranky kids faster than too much sugar! The painful itching and burning sensation can make kids lose sleep and feel bad in general. To fix the problem create a simple solution of 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% white vinegar: shake it up and pour a little in your child’s ears.

While the alcohol dries up the water in your child’s ear, the vinegar works to kill bacteria and sterilize the moist zone. Your kid should never get swimmer’s ear if you do this after each dunk, but if the pain has already set-in you should repeat the wash twice a day and it will be better within 24 hours.

Sore Throat

Some experts recommend lemon and honey juice for your child’s sore throat, but Ukrainians know how to do it right. They mix a spoonful of jam with a cup of hot water and stir. The child should sip this very slowly, and will feel relief immediately. Unlike the honey and lemon method, the jam is sweet without the bite of lemon, which appeals to almost every child on the planet.

Jam with hot water has been used in Ukraine and other nations for hundreds of years. It’s chosen over chemical-laden medicines because it works, and it’s all natural. Follow New Hope Fertility @NewHopeFC for more great ideas like these. Often, the best sources for home remedies are all around us if we just look!

Bug Bites

Just a teaspoon of baking soda helps the bug bites go down. Take the baking soda and add a few drops of water until the powder becomes a paste. Apply this liberally to bites, and your child will feel immediate relief from the itching. Many people agree that this paste works much better than unnatural store-bought itch creams.

If you need to reduce swelling, too, include a crushed aspirin in the paste. The aspirin will help with swelling and redness. However, if the bite looks bad you should consult a doctor. Also, if your child has a lot of mosquito bites (like the one pictured) you might need to double the batch for paste!


It seems a bit wild, but yes, duct tape can make warts go away. Even the most stubborn, spreading warts are helpless under a piece of this sticky tape! All you have to do is cut a smallish square to cover the wart and apply it tightly. Change the tape whenever it gets tacky. Your child will be wart-free within a month, and without any painful freezing or burning in the doctor’s office.

It’s important to keep the wart covered at all times until it goes away, so carefully consider your schedule for the month. If family pictures are coming up and the wart is on a child’s hand, this remedy might need to wait!

Talk to your friends and family to discover more home remedies. Often, family is the number one source for time-tested home remedies. The next time your child feels ‘icky’ you’ll have him or her back to normal faster than any drug store could!

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