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Batman 82 Thomas Wayne Kills Shoots Kills Bane (2019)

Tom King continues the ultimate story arc of his Batman run, “Metropolis of Bane”, with a chapter that simply threw followers a serious twist, in a fairly stunning cliffhanger. Batman #82 actually and figuratively steps into the ring that situation #81 arrange, as Batman and Bane de-mask themselves and take away all of their common advantage-providing devices (Utility Belt, Venom serum) with a view to have a no-holds-barred struggle inside Arkham, with the intention of proving whose metropolis Gotham actually is. Nicely, that struggle will get as soiled as you would possibly anticipate, and intends with a serious twist at somebody intervenes within the Batman vs. Bane struggle, with deadly outcomes!

Warning: Main Batman #82 SPOILERS Comply with!

The Batman vs Bane struggle is as hard-hitting as you might anticipate from these two longtime nemeses. Catwoman is the one witness readily available, although Bruce Wayne tells Bane that that is “Not her metropolis. Not her struggle. No assist.” The 2 begin scrapping, however because it seems (and was teased in situation #81), Batman has discovered an vital lesson: he would not must do issues alone anymore, and his enemies’ assumption that he’s nothing however an indignant loner is a false impression that Batman can weaponize – and does.

It seems that Batman was completely mendacity about going through Bane alone: Catwoman is there to be his tag-team companion in whipping Bane’s ass (actually)! Not solely does Catwoman be a part of the fray and put some severe smackdown on Bane – Bruce pulls a Die Onerous-style transfer of taping two Batarangs to his again, which he pulls through the struggle with a view to lower Bane up. Nevertheless, even with the mixed efforts of Batman and Catwoman’s tag-team – to not point out a couple of soiled struggle techniques – Bane nonetheless proves to be a formidable opponent, and Catwoman finally ends up getting badly damage when Bane kicks her right into a wall, knocking her out chilly and presumably injuring her worse than that. Bruce retaliates by smashing Bane’s face into the ground repeatedly till the villain is only a bloody pile of pummeled meat – however Batman is not stopping there. As punishment for Bane’s reign of terror over Gotham, Batman decides it is time for some payback by breaking Bane’s again as a method to cease the villain for good with out injuring him.

Nevertheless, simply as Bruce raises Bane up in excellent reversal of the long-lasting “Bane breaks Batman’s again” scene from the ’90s, Thomas Wayne arrives at Arkham and shoots Bruce proper within the stomach. The elder Batman wastes no time turning on his evil ally, as Thomas shoots the injured Bane point-blank within the head, seemingly killing him.

So is Bane gone for good? Tom King now has Batman followers on the sting of their collective seats, ready for that reply.

Batman #82 is now on sale.

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