See MIT’s Mini Cheetah backflipping robots play a imply recreation of soccer


MIT Biomimetic Robotics Lab’s Mini Cheetah robots play some soccer within the park.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

When autumn hits and leaves are on the bottom, it is enjoyable to take your canine outdoors to play. And that features robotic canines after all. 

MIT’s Biomimetic Robotics Lab posted a brand new video this week exhibiting off the talents of its Mini Cheetah robots — light-weight and quadruped robots the college has been growing for awhile now. The video reveals the dog-like robots hopping up and down, doing backflips and even taking part in soccer. The brand new footage nearly makes the robots appear like they’re having enjoyable. 

Every Mini Cheetah weighs round 20 kilos (9 kilograms), is powered by 12 electrical motors and might attain speeds of round 5 mph (2.2 meters per second). Earlier within the yr, MIT confirmed off the Mini Cheetah robotic’s new expertise for doing backflips.

Whereas these robots are enjoyable to observe, they do have a relatively eerie aspect. However to not concern, they are not precisely Terminator-level harmful. 

“Twenty kilos shouldn’t be too small however not so huge that it is harmful or fragile,” Director of MIT’s Biomimetic Robotics Lab Sangbae Kim informed IEEE Spectrum in March. 

When you take pleasure in watching Mini Cheetah’s robots frolic collectively outdoors, Kim has hinted he needs check the robots additional with an impediment course. 

“Ultimately, I am hoping we may have a robotic canine race by an impediment course, the place every crew controls a mini cheetah with completely different algorithms, and we will see which technique is more practical,” Kim added. “That is the way you speed up analysis.”

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