Sinopsis Film Blue Streak (1999)

Sinopsis Film Blue Streak – The jewel thief Miles participated in the theft of a $ 17 million diamond in Los Angeles. One of his troops, Deacon turns on Miles and kills Eddie’s best friend Miles and other members of the team before trying to grab the stone from Miles. The police were present and Miles hid the diamond in the air duct of the building that was being built.

Deacon fled and Miles was captured and when Miles was taken away he was surprised that Eddie had been killed. 2 years later, Miles was released and tried to reconnect with his girlfriend. Miles was disappointed to find that the building he hid with diamonds was now the LAPD police station.

He went inside and found the stone hidden in a place that became a detective agency that needed a key card to access. Miles enters the building disguised as Detective Malone who has just been transferred. Trying to access the channel, Miles unintentionally herded inmate prisoners and cooperated with a detective named Carlson.

The couple was sent for a robbery call, which Miles quickly solved as fraud. On their way back, they found armed robbery carried out by MIles good friend and former Tulley driver. Miles intervened to arrest Tulley before police shot him but Tulley demanded 50 thousand dollars to remain silent about who Miles really was.

Synopsis Lengkap Film Blue Streak (1999)

Miles tried again to look for diamonds but he and Carlson sent out another call. They caught a heroin truck. Miles placed the diamond in a hole in the butkti locker and finally took it but accidentally dropped it in the burden of their confiscated heroin. The FBI came demanding heroin be submitted for testing.

Miles frantically explained the FBI used heroin as bait. He arranged heroin on a delivery truck, but soon joined Tulley and Deacon. Deacon fled with diamonds in an armored truck and police and FBI followed as he approached the border to Mexico. The FBI was forced to stop their pursuit, but Miles stole a patrol car to continue the chase.

Deacon gives Miles a diamond allowing Miles to catch him and in exchange Miles takes him back to the US. Deacon agreed and Miles redoubled him by handcuffing him to a truck for Federales to meet. Deacon pulled the gun to shoot Miles but Miles turned to shoot him, kill him and avenge Eddie’s death.

Miles returned to the side of the border where the FBI demanded he explain his actions. Miles explained that there was a Mexican officer in disguise and had to return to Mexico to explain everything to his colleagues at Federales. Miles got a few inches across the border when Carlson and Hardcastle stopped him and explained that they knew who Miles was.

But they did not arrest because they were grateful for all the help and saw him as a friend. They jokingly explained that the FBI was very strict in integrating people at the International border even though Miles was only inches above the border. The three men shared their goodbyes, before Miles went to Mexico with his diamonds.

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