The 5 Cs of Copy Enhancing

Copy enhancing includes modifications made to a manuscript by the copy editor earlier than it’s despatched for printing or publishing. What are the 5 Cs of copy enhancing? Earlier than I spell them out let me inform that every C represents the job and abilities required of any good copy editor. The ultimate edited copy should have the options represented by the Cs. The 5 Cs are,

  • Clear copy
  • Right,
  • Concise,
  • Understandable
  • Constant

Earlier than any manuscript is distributed for proofreading the copy editor has to verify for a lot of defects in it which can embody capabilities like,

  • Punctuation checking
  • Spelling checks
  • Correcting grammatical errors
  • Take away semantic errors
  • Test all terminologies used
  • Test that the publishers “in home” type is being maintained
  • Incorporate headers / footers and so forth
  • Guarantee there will probably be no authorized issues after publishing
  • Summarize or shorten textual content (abridgement)

A great copywriter should even be a superb copy editor and have good command of the language and should even be pretty conscious of a variety of matters with a really sturdy background in grammar. He should even have an eye fixed for recognizing errors and inconsistencies in manuscripts. It is usually obligatory that he have the ability to work below strain and end work throughout the given deadline. The rising on-line publications requires extra than simply journalistic and language abilities. As editors could should publish articles straight on the Web, they need to be even be good with computer systems, totally different phrase processing packages and should even have the required pagination and technical data/abilities.

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